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Beth Christensen, Certified Child Sleep Consultant
Get your entire family's sleep back on track!

About Me...

My name is Beth Christensen and my interest in the art and science of sleep was sparked in 2013 on the day I found out I was pregnant with twins! While my pregnant friends were researching birth plans I frantically began reading about sleep strategies, fearful that I'd never sleep again! I was able to teach my boys healthy sleep habits right from the start and we were all sleeping through the night around 18 weeks. There have been some bumps along the way but we've always managed to get back on track!

After their birth I returned to working as a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the Boston hospital that I loved. However, it became difficult to balance my new role as a mom of twins with working/commuting to/from the city. I became a Certified Child Sleep Consultant in 2017 and started Happy Littles Sleep Consulting right away. In the summer of 2018 my family moved to North Barrington, IL for my husbands job and luckily I was able to bring Happy Littles along!


Over the years my practice has evolved with my growing knowledge base and experiences. I love incorporating elements of mindfulness with my sleep coaching. Being aware of our perception of sleep training and what we believe our family is capable of are paramount to sleep success! I enjoy working with families of all shapes and sizes and children from birth through the age of 6 years old at varying capacities. I truly believe that every family deserves and is capable of healthy sleep! I am so excited to have the opportunity to help your littles achieve the happiest versions of themselves..... But first, SLEEP!

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Let's Get to Know Each Other Call

Free 15 minute phone call to discuss the process and help you select the most appropriate package.

Happy Little

90 minute video consultation to strategize and formulate a customized sleep plan for your child in a big kid bed followed by 2 weeks of daily support to implement your plan.

Happy Little

60 minute video consultation to strategize and formulate a customized sleep plan for your baby followed by 2 weeks of daily support to implement your plan.

Happy Little Champions

For the parents who wants to get and stay ahead of sleep struggles for their starting in babyhood! Includes 1 Happy Littles Babies, 1 Happy Little Bigs, and monthly 30-minute phone calls up through the age of 5 years old.

Happy Little New & Expecting Parents

 Two 30-min phone calls and a pack of 5 emails to be used anytime before baby's first birthday. 

Happy Little Questions

30 minute phone call for tips and tricks navigating nap transitions or to answer specific sleep questions. This package works well for families who are on the right track and do not require a customized sleep plan.


"When we first met with Beth, our son was struggling to get a consistent nap and would wake up for extended time periods in the middle of every night. Beth was a tremendous help in getting our son to sleep through the night and through his 1 regularly scheduled nap. While it was a tough process, Beth was seemingly always available and got back to us right away. She was incredibly flexible in adhering to our opinions as parents while giving us the foundation to get our son in a good place sleeping. We just were talking about how thankful we are that neither of us has had to get up to console our son in the middle of the night for more than 2 weeks!
I would 10/10 recommend Beth and her services to any new parents to help lay the foundation for making sure their little ones are getting the proper rest they need(and allows parents to get as much rest as they can) Our son is sleeping better both in his naps and at night and also seems happier when he is awake.
Thank you Beth and HappyLittles!"
Jeff & Anna


Set up your FREE 15-minute discovery call by filling out the form below and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can! We'll listen to your sleep challenges and help answer questions about our process, experiences, and packages. Need a gift card? Drop us a line here and we'll help you purchase the perfect gift!


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