Frequently asked questions

What makes Happy Littles Sleep Consulting's services different from other child sleep consultants?

At Happy Littles we meticulously listen to your specific sleep challenges, goals, and especially your parenting style. Allowing parents to express their unique views on sleep training allows us to cater a sleep plan that will be successful. If exclusivity with breast feeding or keeping some night feedings is your goal then those will be our goals as well. Happy Littles is only as successful as our clients feel!

How do I pick the best Happy Littles service package to ensure success?

First visit our services page to browse all of our offerings. Next schedule a "Get to Know Each Other Call". This 15-minute free call will allow you the opportunity to share a summary of your family's sleep story directly with Beth. Beth will explain the benefits of each package as they apply to your specific sleep challenges and help you to select the plan that will best lead to success. In some cases a smaller package such as Happy Littles Questions will not be adequate to solve your sleep problems. In other cases where there are just a few details out of place a large package like Happy Littles Talking + 2 Weeks Support will be more support than your family requires. In any case the client has the final say over what package is selected!

How do I purchase a Happy Littles gift card?

Message Happy Littles through the "Contact" section of our website, send a message through FaceBook, or email Beth directly at Our gift cards come in any demonination and make wonderful shower and new baby gifts! Your gift card will be emailed as PDF file for you to print out and gift, or you can opt to have it sent directly to the recipient or snail mailed to either yourself or the recipient. Gift cards that are mailed are printed in color on card stock paper.

What is your success rate for sleep training?

We pride ourselves in finding the best sleep solution for each family and supporting you through it's completion, whether it takes 3 days or 3 weeks. It's difficult to measure success for sleep training as success is defined uniquely for each individual family. Some families just want to work on making bedtime less stressful while others want to go from 4 or more night feedings to sleeping through the entire night. You can see on our review page that our clients are very satisfied! The two biggest factors for success are finding the right method for your family and your consistency with utilizing the method. If you are consistent it will work!

Will the consultant come to my house and stay for the night to assist with sleep training?

We've eliminated our in home consultations for now while we're in this pandemic. We may bring them back in the distance future but for now we can do full and thorough assessments via video chat platforms. Want us to meet your baby or child on our consult call? We're happy to meet your adorable little one! Want to schedule your communication without your child present? That's great too! No matter your preference we focus on helping you to become indepdent and consistent with your chosen method so that you can be successful long term without needing to contact us again.

Can I text the consultant my questions during the day and/or after hours?

Texting to set up an appointment for a phone conversation is easy and productive! For daily check ins and questions/concerns we recommend phone calls and emails. It's difficult to fully assess your situation over text messaging and difficult for the consultant to respond while distracted with other business.

I don't believe in letting my baby cry. Do you have ideas for how to sleep train without letting my baby cry it out?

Your sleep consultant is trained in a variety of sleep training methods that vary from more to less direct. During the consultation process she will share all of the methods she believes are appropriate for your situation. It is very rare that a baby or child is able to learn to put him/herself to sleep and stay asleep without any crying. There are some methods that elicit less crying and of course every effort will be made to minimize crying. We'll give you all the most up-to-date evidence on the best methods and their expected course/outcomes.

Is my child too old for sleep training?

No person is ever too old to learn a new skill! In general, the longer the problem has existed, the longer it will take to correct. We specialize in children up through the age of 6 although we will make case dependent allowances for older children.

What if my child is not sleeping through the night by the end of my purchased package?

In the rare case that your child is not sleeping through the night by the completion of your package you have some options. It is always possible to purchase additional weeks of support if you require additional support. Most children are able to sleep through the night by the end of two weeks if the parents are consistent with the method and open and honest with the consultant. The longer the sleep issue has existed, the longer it can take to course correct. If you have been consistent and your child's sleep issues are improving you may choose to continue to work the plan on your own. If you'd like to purchase additional support there are additional packages available to returning clients.

What if I buy Happy Littles Talking + 2 Weeks and my child starts sleeping through the night before the end of the 2 weeks?

This happens more than you'd believe! The majority of your consultant's time and work goes into preparing for your hour long consultation video call, devising your plan, and supporting you through the first few nights. If your child sleeps through the night before the end of your 2 weeks there may be other areas to work on including extending/consolidating naps, routines, etc. If there is truly nothing left to work on you can use the rest of your two weeks to ask questions about upcoming milestones. "Extra" time cannot be saved for future transitions because children grow and change so quickly that the amount of work required for your consultant to catch up with your now older child exceeds the value of your remining time. Thank you for understanding!

My child is growing and changing so quickly! What if once our time is over we run into sleep trouble again shortly after our time has ended?

If you have purchased the Happy Littles Talking + 2 Weeks package, when our time is complete you will receive a "Wrap-Up Document". This document includes a summary of progress and what to do if sleep problems resurface, upcoming milestones like nap transitions, and instructions on how to navigate time changes and travel. You'll also have the opportunity to ask specific questions like "we're expecting baby #2, when can we transition both children into the same room?" and/or "We're traveling out of state in a few months, what should we bring/do to ensure sleep stays on track?" Our goal is for you to never need us again! Even if you do need us, we have additional packages just for return clients as well as a 10% discount on any of the packages on our website.